Edelman's has a very large stock of both Large and Small US Currency. Edelman's will purchase and appraise your collections of United States and Worldwide Currency. We maintain a large stock of currency and coin supplies for the collector.

Edelman's has a large stock of National Bank Notes, Large & Small Type Notes, Large Denomination Bills, Error Notes, Silver Certificates, Gold Certificates, United States Notes, Fractional Currency and more! We have an excellent inventory for beginning collectors who are just starting out, as well as more advanced collectors who are looking for rare bills. We are especially interested in purchasing Large sized notes, Gold Certificates, and Error Notes. If you have a want list and wish to forward it to us, we will be glad to keep a lookout for the notes you need.

Edelman's grants collateral loans on all better paper money and currency collections. If you need cash to finance a new purchase or pay for an unexpected bill, you don't have to sell your currency to raise money. You can retain full ownership of your paper money and at the same time use them as collateral for a short-term loan. It is quick, easy, and confidential. See our Loan section for full details.

Edelman's buys and sells paper money graded by all three major grading companies; CGA, PMG, and PCGS Currency. Edelman's will also help you submit your better paper money for grading and expertising.